Who is Enagic®?


ENAGIC® - a proven company! Since 1974 - 42 years of experience with water ionizers - no competitor has ever been able to catch up.

Enagic International is a Japanese company established in Tokyo. There is a European office in Düsseldorf.

Enagic is the only one on the market that not only sells but also owns the manufacturing plant of ionizers in Osaka. The plant received ISO certificate for the production of medical equipments, which guarantees the quality and originality of products. The plant produces everything in one place: the electrodes, carbon filters-everything from the beginning unless the device is assembled and tested. Enagic controls the production from the very beginning to the end.

Enagic has been the leader in the field of ionization of water for 41 years.

The company passed ISO certification in quality management for medical devices and quality management and the environment management as well.  Enagic is the only company that has received a certificate of medical device from the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.


The development history of ENAGIC®:

June 1974 - Company founding. Sony's specialty retailer, the pioneer of ENAGIC®, starts trading
January 2000 - Beginning of the core product "LeveLuk DX"
January 2003 - ENAGIC® USA, Inc. was founded
June 2003 - Start of sales of the "LeveLuk Super 501" industrial machine and the "Anespa" home shower system
June 2003 - Opening of the Los Angeles office in Torrance, California
June 2004 - Opening of the office in New York City
September 2004 - Start of sales of the popular "LEVELUK SD501"
September 2009 - Opening of the Europe office in Düsseldorf / Germany
By 2014 permanent extensions of the branches and the product range
2014 - 40-year company anniversary and world market leader (!)
2014 - Launch of the new "LEVELUK K8" machine
2015 - ENAGIC® Global Convention, Anaheim, Los Angeles, California, USA
July 2016 - ENAGIC® Global Convention, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


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