Kangen Wasser™ because health is our greatest asset!

Kangen Water™ contains large amount of antioxidants and has a strong detoxifying effects. It hydrates very well, it is alkaline and cleanses the body from harmful free radicals and toxins.

Kangen Water™ is produced by the Japanese device that plugs directly to the faucet. The water is first filtered and removes chlorine, heavy metals and lead. It keeps all the valuable minerals needed for our body. Then the water is ionized, its molecular structure is changed and its pH is increased and the amount of antioxidants is higher as well.

People who drink Kangen Water™ feel more energy after just a few days of drinking it, because the blood is cleansed and a large amount of oxygen required for our cells is received. It also neutralizes over-acidification of the body.

A well known and famous physician Dr. Shinya advised to drink alkaline Kangen Water™ as it can clean the colon just in three months. It is scientifically proven that cancer cells cannot survive in an alkaline environment!


The name comes from the Japanese word kangen, which means ‘return to origin’.






What are the properties of Kangen Water™


Antioxidant Kangen water™

It neutralizes harmful free radicals. Drinking Kangen water™ neutralizes harmful free radicals because it has antioxidant effects. This feature is obtained through electrolysis. Tap water is ionized in the electrolysis device and it is enriched by the active hydrogen (antioxidant) and therefore harmful free radicals are neutralized.

Bottled water and tap water do not have antioxidant effects and are usually acidic, which contributes to the acidity of the body. Acidification may gradually lead to chronic diseases and earlier aging.


Alkaline Kangen water™

It neutralizes hyperacidity of the body. To maintain the optimal health of the body cells, the cells must keep natural and slightly alkaline balance.

Drinking Kangen water™ is alkaline. This property is obtained through electrolysis in which tap water in the device is ionized and divided into alkaline and acidic. Alkaline water helps to neutralize hyperacidity of the organism.

Incorrect lifestyle causes acidification of the body, e.g. not sufficient amount of liquids, stress, industrially processed foods and candied sour acidic drinks or acidic bottled water are not beneficial for our health.

Micro-clustered Kangen water™

Kangen water™ hydrates better. Drinking Kangen water has a modified structure from the macro to the microstructure. Due to this attribute it hydrates cells 6x faster. The body then absorbs vitamins and nutrients faster, but also removes toxins more quickly.

The structure of Kangen water™ is changing due to electrolysis, which ionizes tap water inside the device.

Kangen water™ consists of micro cluster molecules (5-6 molecules in a cluster), which hydrate the cells in the body thoroughly. Kangen water penetrates faster into the cells and dissolved nutrient substances.

Tap water or bottled water consists of micro cluster with 15-20 molecules. That is why they hydrate the body cells slower than Kangen Water™.



1) DRINKING Kangen Water™ | pH 8,5 | pH 9,0 | pH 9,5:

Ideal for everyday drinking, cooking and preparing beverages.

Drinking Kangen water all day. Unlike the tap water Kangen water is softer and easier to drink. While keeping the drinking regime you will appreciate that it does not cause bloating or flatulence, and you can drink it as much as you wish.

Preparation of food
Wash vegetables and fish in Kangen water. It enhances the taste of food. For example, the taste of broccoli, onions, bamboo shoots, etc. is better if you parboil them in Kangen water. When cooking with Kangen water you can use less salt and spices and food is healthier and tastier.

Coffee and tea
You will be surprised by the gorgeous colour, taste and aroma of coffee and tea, which prepares the Kangen water. Even with small amount of coffee and tea, drinks which are brewed from Kangen water have rich taste enhanced by Kangen water unlike by the tap water.

Soups and cooked meat
Kangen water enhances the taste of prepared meals. Soups are milder and meat is more juicy. Food does not need to add much salt and spice.

Kangen water adds freshness and life to plants and stimulates germination.






2) CLEAN WATER | pH 7,0:

Free of chlorine, heavy metals, lead. It is not ionized. Excellent for preparing baby food and taking medicine.

Baby formula

Use the water for preparation of infants formula. In the case of infants (under one year) it is recommended to drink pure neutral water. Infants have another bowel movement than adults because they drink only breast or other milk. When a child starts to eat normal food as adults, they can start to drink ionized Kangen water.

Taking medicine

Take pills with this water, because pills should be taken with pure and clean water. 30 minutes before and after taking the medicine drink only clean water, because Kangen water of pH 8.5 to 9.5 is structured and may increase the effects of some medicine.


3) Beauty water | pH 4,0-6,0:

Тhis water is not for drinking!!

It is great for gentle skin cleansing and hair care at home or in beauty salons.

Skin care
Astringent properties of acidic water have great effects in toning and firming the skin. Wash your face with cosmetic water or use spray. This water is excellent as a toner after shaving.

Hair care
Use cosmetic Beauty water instead of conditioner after shampooing. It eliminates messy tangled hair and adds shine to them. Carry it in a spray bottle and spray it on your hair and face when you are out.

Pet care
Cosmetic water will help you to brush your pet’s fur and additionally it will be shiny and smooth. Use a spray and brush it thoroughly. Animals prefer Kangen water, try it. Offer them the normal water and Kangen water and see which water your dog chooses.

Polish mirrors, glasses, windows and other glass surfaces with cosmetic water, you will get a high gloss.

Wash wooden floor and ceramic tiles with Beauty water, they will be clean as a mirror and no sticky leftovers will stay there.

Frozen food
Before defrosting spray the food, including fish and prawns with Beauty water. They will not lose taste after desfrosting.






4) Strong acidic water | pH 2,5:

Тhis water is not for drinking!!

It has disinfecting properties. Use it to disinfect dishes, and on different surfaces in the home or office. It is suitable for gargling for sore throat or teeth. We recommend storing it in dark containers so that it keeps the best properties.

Cleaning and disinfecting
It disinfects knives, cutting boards, dish-cloths and other kitchen towels. Wash and disinfect kitchen, because it is a breeding ground for bacteria. To enhance the disinfecting effect, proceed as follows: first wash surfaces with Strong alkaline water and then with Strong acidic one.

Warning: if you used strongly acidic water for metals, which are subject to corrosion, we recommend drying them thoroughly, because of the strong acidity.

Disinfect hands, toothbrush and use Strong acidic water as
a mouthwash as well. You can use it to gargle and disinfection for sore throat.

Restaurants, gyms, beauty salons, hairdressers...
Strong acidic water (pH 2.5) has proven success in commercial establishments such as beauty salons, hairdressers, restaurants, hotels, schools, nurseries, pet shops, care services etc. Not only do you save on cleaning products, but you are being green in the workplace.


5) Strong Kangen water | pH 11,5:

Тhis water is not for drinking!!

It removes pesticides and herbicides on fruits and vegetables. It acts as an effective ecological cleaner at home.

Preparation of food
Wash fruit and vegetables in it and get rid of pesticides and chemicals (let them immersed for about 5- 10 minutes).

Ecological stain removal in the kitchen and bathroom
You can clean all surfaces in the kitchen with it, for example a cutting board, but also greasy kitchen towels. You can easily remove stains from coffee, soya sauce and oil. It is perfectly suited for cleaning stains in the bathroom and washing toilets. We recommend storage in dark containers.

Washing the dishes
spinavy%20riad%20iiWhen washing the dishes you will use up to 25% less detergent and you will have a lower water bills. You need only one-third to one-fourth of the usual amount of water for washing the dishes. And the dishes will be sparkling clean.

Ecological washing
Begin to wash without toxic detergents containing phosphates. Make your own eco-friendly detergent Kangen from soap nuts and Strong alkaline water. Such washing is suitable for allergy sufferers.






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